Built-in Obsolescence (IT) - INSTAR

Built-in Obsolescence is a musical project born in Riccione (Italy) in 2010. The band started composing songs inspired to various metal genres, developing in time a sound akin to Alternative and Progressive Metal with Post Rock and Ambient influences. 

Introspective and dark themes are intertwined with the band instrumental composition, leading to vivid journeys into humanity's behaviours, its hopes and troubles. 


1. Dance of Falling Leaves 
2. Sine Requie 
3. The Wave 
4. Ground Launch Sequencer 
5. Project: Almaz 
6. Watching the Wake 
7. Shara 
8. Lashes 
9. Biotronic 
10. AD 9878 
11. Ecdysis

Instar is a phase of development in the life of arthropods. The animal periodically leaves its vital protection, its exoskeleton. Then, soft and vulnerables are ready to new growth and a new armour will form. In this LP the human being is seen as a moulting insect, changing shape, but nonetheless ever connected to a greater ambient embracing him.

The album concept is expressed through stories and abstract lyrics revolving around hopes and delusions, reality and illusions. Narration starts with Dance of Falling Leaves, an abrupt realisation of the inexorable flow of time in which are scattered mellow memories. Time soothe man like the breeze lull leaves on trees. The same time that strips leaves from branches and delusions from minds. This is a recurring image in the subsequent songs. The album end with a long, abstract and profound composition: Ecdysis is humanity's last observation of itself, out of space and time, before embracing change.

Lineup, Valerio Biagini - bass guitar Gianmarco Ciotti - guitar Bruno Galli - drums Paolo Sanchi - vocals Alex Semprini - guitar

By Kostas Dahmer