Sons Of The Beast - The Void is out now!

The Void is the debut album release by Spanish Thrash Metal Band Sons Of The Beast. It contains 10 tracks of total running time 44 minutes and it was self-released on April 12th, 2018. Band produced 500 Copies of the album and you can grab yours on their official merch-table here > Bandcamp Link


1. 2277 (Instrumental) 
2. War Never Changes  
3. Boo Or Boo-Urns?  
4. No Justice (But Who Cares?)
5. Across the Mosh
6. The Witching Pact
7. Rip and Tear
8. Mr. Rampage
9. Into the Void (Of Ignorance) 
10. Bronson


Sons of the Beast was formed in 2010, in Madrid, Spain. Previously known as “Beast” until 2015, the band changed its name after some formation changes, plus being harassed by Korean bots from a K-pop band in social medias. Despite all the weird obstacles, Sons of the Beast keeps thrashing around, presenting now a new album, released in 2018: “The Void”.