Keywind - Hypnos debut album is out!

Hypnos is the debut full-length album by Keywind (NOR), it contains seven tracks and was self-released on May 04, 2018


1. Z
2. Optimal
3. Phobia  
4. The Guardian
5. Hypnic Jerk
6. Steam
7. Aenid


Keywind started with two ends, Fredrik Undem used to be guitarist for Subject Delta, a prog-metal band, and Veislakt a hardcore-punk band. Fredrik quit both bands in 2016, so he could focus on creating his own music. He found help with his close friend Daniel Nøland, who gladly joined him. Daniel and Fredrik knew each other from the teenage years and had a split after Fredrik joined Subject Delta in 2010. Both are from a little town called Hommersåk based in Sandnes, Norway.

The name Keywind became Official 24. Desember 2016, followed by a single in February 2017. Keywind is a word related to wind-up key and key-wind clocks.

The album/ep Hypnos came out just a little year after the first single, 2018 May 04.

The music is based on:

Slipknot's intensity and energy. Gojira's Aggressivity And over time still takes some elements of Tool and Pink Floyd in music-writing. Especially lyricwriting and storytelling