beneath​.​below​.​behold by Antlers

Let's go back to 2018. 'beneath​.​below​.​behold' is one of those type of albums that 've been bought - having no idea - just for the artwork.

Musically speaking it's one of the greatest 2018's releases. A desperate mash of dark - atmospheric layers, blasts, melodies and sadness. A bunch of classical bridges and strings, here and there, are peaking the tension. An album full of emotions!

Unfortunately the band went on hiatus after this one. I hope they get back soon.


1. Theom
2. Heal
3. Nengures
4. Beyond The Golden Light
5. Metempsychosis
6. Drown In A Well
7. Off With Their Tongues
8. The Tide
9. Luq´s Waters

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