Damnation by Vananidr

Damnation is the third full-length release by the Swedish Black Metal veterans 'Vananidr'
A quick, fortunately, follow-up to last year's 'Road North' masterpiece!

The flawless production is the main reason why this album gets the maximum level of  music translucency - No word about it! Seven tracks ruled by a hellish number of tempo diversifications  plus the devilish vocals of 'Anders Eriksson', underlined by music peculiarity, 'blastemy' and chords of insanity. Kind of stuff that makes the whole scenery dark, evil and sickening cold!

Not ideal for the 'soft-eared' ones though, i mean one has to be familiar with extreme stuff in order to reveal the honest manifestation of such an album. At the end of the day we are talking about Black Metal from the unholy land of Sweden!


1. Distilled
2. Damnation
3. Hunter
4. Tides of blood
5. Wounds of old
6. Reflection
7. Void


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