Pyrrhic by Tanin'iver

The Aussie duet - Tanin'iver - is back with its second album Pyrrhic! A cruel follow-up, to their debut, 2019's,  masterpiece - Anno Domini Nostri Satanas -. MSH Music Group Records is behind the release of that one this time.

Band's mood floats between cremated, cold paths of ethereal atmospheric obscurity and heavy classic, Black Metal Tunes. 

The whole album can be described as a mash of distorted vocals & personalities while the downtuned strings, 'blastery' and evil, cold-blood samplings setting the scenery of a nightmare that it's taking place.


1.   Ephemeral
2.   Treachery
3.   Pyrrhic
4.   Carcinogenic
5.   Malignancy
6.   Abhorrence
7.   Ungoliant
8.   Ancalagon
9.   Inure
10. Solace 07:57


Aidan "Asmodeus" Cibich,
Guitars, drums, bass, lead producer, lead writer, assistant lyric writer 
Vocals, assistant producer, assistant writer, lyrics, soundscapes/effects/sampling 

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