RAMIHRDUS - Eternity (2019) by Ramihrdus

The alliance of CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA presents the re-release of the debut (2017) album "Eternity" of the atmospheric black metal project RAMIHRDUS (Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, USA).

On their first album, RAMIHRDUS successfully reinterprets the atmosphere of dungeon synth and black metal of the early 90’s, creating their powerful and gloomy atmospheric USBM with beautiful melodies, catchy riffs, chilling vocals and noticeable influence of medieval and folk elements.

“Eternity” is a must-have for anyone looking for quality music at the juncture between LUSTRE and ELDERWIND.


1. Cold Winds of the Wild
2. The Ethereal Forest
3. Lake Evendim
4. The Prancing Pony
5. Crypts of the Frost Storm
6. Eternity
7. Closure