Winter by Zorya (Slovenia)

After a couple of days of music digging and Metal meditation I came across a band I’d never 'seen' before. That's Zorya! A deeply saddened travel towards Slovenia this time. Kinda of newborn, one-man's, extreme/black metal project which it was germinated about a year ago.

Winter, debut single, was my first attempt to dig the soul of the project! A melodic, emotional yet,
short-way journey towards feelings and thoughts. Jan - the man behind - tried to express his inner voice of sadness and anguish as loud as he could!

The rawness of production and the accumulation of vocals to the deep-background were somehow allied and fulfilled the need to musically express one's deadlock and desperation.

While there is no full-length release available, in order to get the whole 'picture' of the artist - I strongly believe that one has to keep an eye on this, overall promising, Slovenian guy - Jan!

A bundle of his two single releases can be grabbed for FREE at Bandcamp!
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