Misanthropy Apotheosis - 'Against Your Filthy Kind' // Out Now via Repulsive Echo Records

A fucking brilliant one! Clearly, a top-notch! Against Your Filthy Kind just came out the right time! While everything and everyone was drowning deeper and deeper into the mud of Covid19's depression and uncertainty, these guys decided to release this piece of art which helped a lot of us getting rid of that shit and go on with our life. 

A massively brutal EP consists of three tracks of total time thirteen minutes - surely enough and more surely capable of  grabbing our skull and torn that into pieces! The chemistry between the duet is easily recognizable as both of the guys fulfill the demands of the scenery which had in their mind during the making of this one.

All the deep and filthy vocals, the midtempo stuff and the harmony between the double bass and these sickening down-tuned strings are some of the ingredients which make the whole thing more violent and gruesome. 

Not to forget to mention the success of the mixing/mastering process, as it is the main reason we can go through all these music details and stuff, and finally, rejoice the trip to brutalism we' ve been offered! 



1. Against Your Filthy Kind
2. All Hail The Slaughter Of The Whore 
3. The Devil In Your Personal Hell